Côme, ville italienne jumelée avec Valenciennes/Huawei?

  • Un article de Privacy International sur le partenariat entre la ville de Como en Italie et Huawei :

    An investigation for the Italian Wired magazine published in June 2020 exposed how the system had been bought, installed and tested for months with little transparency and despite the lack of a clear legal framework.

    The investigation was entirely based on tools available to everyone, such as Freedom of Information requests (FOI requests. Similar to PI’s campaign 'Unmasking policing, inc', it sought to expose the role of private companies, in particular, Huawei, in pushing for the deployment of a facial recognition system in Como, despite the lack of adequate fundamental rights’ guarantees and with local authorities not taking adequate stock of the serious implications that facial recognition technology has for people’s rights.

    As mentioned in the tender’s documents provided by Comune di Como, the "innovative video surveillance system” is composed of six cameras that cover a public green area located close to the city’s railway station. The system is capable of capturing the faces of passers-by, as well as detecting loitering, sending an alert when a package is left unattended, and offering a tripwire function (i.e. checking if someone trespasses a forbidden area). It is much more advanced than a traditional CCTV system. It also allows operators to search for any individual on a given “blacklist” or to set up a “red list” of people deemed VIPs whose images will not be recorded.

    Intéressant aussi car ça évoque le type de montage qu'on suspecte dans pouvoir bien les documenter dans pas mal de projets français (avec une boîte européenne agissant comme le distributeur de technos chinoises) :

    The company that won the tender and then installed Huawei technologies was A2A Smart City, a company of the A2A Group that is among the leaders in the energy sector in Italy and is operating also in the field of technologies for the growth of smart cities.

    Il y a finalement eu une décision de la CNIL italienne fin février interdisant le système, mais un nouveau marché a été passé et de nouvelles caméras VSA installées « au cas où » :

    On February 26, following our investigation, the Italian DPA issued a decision against the Municipality of Como mandating the suspension of the FRT system. According to the DPA, the processing of biometric data carried out by the Municipality of Como is illegal.
    Despite the measure issued by the DPA, the municipality installed this new series of facial recognition cameras in other areas of the city in May 2020. According to Como, the new cameras, now turned off, had been installed for future use. Basically, the cameras had been installed “just in case” their use would be deemed legal in the future.

  • @felix Hallucinant le "just in case". Juste zéro limites. Ou alors cadeau de Huawei qui a insisté de son côté en disant, "on les met là, vous n'avez pas à les allumer, mais 'just in case'".

    Et oui pour cette installation via des entreprises privées. Ca rend vraiment les recherches plus compliquées en vrai. A réfléchir..