Reconnaissance des émotions en Chine

  • Dans le Financial Time, petit compte rendu d'un salon sur les technologies de surveillance

    Emotion recognition was the crime prevention buzz-phrase on everyone’s lips this week at China’s largest surveillance tech expo, held in the southern tech hub of Shenzhen.

    The technology, which is being rolled out at airports and subway stations to identify criminal suspects, is the latest development in crime prediction systems in the world’s largest surveillance market, which already relies on facial and gait recognition, eye tracking and crowd analysis.

    Emotion recognition systems have been installed in Xinjiang, a region in far western China (...)

    A representative from facial recognition company Megvii, who declined to be named, said emotion recognition technology was being widely developed and used within government, particularly public security bureaus. “We work with all kinds of companies in Xinjiang including Hikvision, Uniview, Dahua and Tiandy. Only companies that are strong in AI can really succeed in this field and of course the two biggest companies in this field are Alibaba and Tencent,” said Mr Li, adding the Xinjiang government also worked with them. Almost Rmb14bn ($2bn) of infrastructure investment poured into Xinjiang in 2017 to develop its smart cities, far outstripping Beijing, the second largest recipient of investment, which received Rmb1.69bn, according to Qianzhan Industrial Research Institute, a Chinese consultancy.

    Huawei, one of China’s leading AI companies, had a visible presence as it uses its competitive advantage in AI and 5G to muscle into the public security industry. “Huawei has attended the expo for a long time but they’ve really started developing this aspect of their business over the past two years,” said Michael Yang, secretary-general of the expo’s organising committee. “We have a lot of room for growth, this market used to be worth Rmb300-400bn, now it’s about Rmb800bn and I think very soon we will see it crack Rmb1tn, particularly once we have 5G,” said Yu Hu, deputy head of Huawei’s Intelligent Video & Data Analytics product line, referring to the whole security equipment market.

    On retrouve aussi Hikvision en France.

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