À lire : l'approche du groupe Carceral Tech aux États-Unis

  • À lire dans le dernier numéro de Logic, une interview de Sarah T. Hamid "on Abolishing Carceral Technologies", basé à Los Angeles.

    The Carceral Tech Resistance Network (CTRN) is a coalition of organizers who are campaigning against the design and experimentation of technologies by police, prisons, border enforcement, and commercial partnerships. We work to abolish the carceral state and its attendant technologies by building community knowledge and community defense. Our group is made up primarily of femme, Black, immigrant, POC organizers. My own work is embedded in Los Angeles, the Bay Area, and Portland, Oregon, but CTRN has organizers in most West Coast US states.

    The network was created out of two primary needs: first, we started to realize that these technologies, often rolled out at a local scale, have afterlives—they travel to other contexts, where communities may have less familiarity with them, or no organized base prepared to confront and dismantle them. So there was a need to knowledge-share and foster mentorship between community organizations. And second, we felt an urgent need to build a different relationship to the cataloging, databasing, and archiving practices that are widely deployed in movement spaces—but which also share a troubled history with the exact same surveillance technologies we are working to dismantle.

    N'hésitez pas à partager vos retours sur les choses qui vous ont le plus interpelé et fait réfléchir, les leçons que vous en tirer éventuellement pour notre propre démarche, etc.

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