Allemagne -- Expérimentations policières avec Palantir dans le Lander de Hessens

  • Je suis tombé sur cet article sur l'utilisation du logiciel Gotham de Palantir par la police de Francfort. Voici des extraits (traduction Google) :

    Chief Commissioner Otto, who does not want to read his first name in the media, chases Salafists from his laptop. He sits deep in the belly of the Frankfurt police headquarters, where a sticker on a door in Hessian proclaims: "I'm basse uff!" Otto is part of a small team that has been testing the future of policing for the state of Hesse since 2017 - or, from the perspective of the skeptics: the future of the surveillance state. 200 conservationists are already trained in dealing with Gotham, which is named after Batman's hometown.
    The adapted for Hesse version of Gotham is called "Hessendata" and is a program of the company Palantir from Palo Alto. Thus, one of the most controversial Silicon Valley companies enters the German police .

    La liste des sources de donnés fait froid dans le dos :

    • three police databases for criminal cases and searches
    • connection data from the telephone monitoring: Who called whom when and where?
    • data from read out mobile phones suspect and telex. The Federal Criminal Police Office, for example, provided information about the perpetrator Anis Amri to police officers throughout the country following the attempt on the Berlin Breitscheidplatz.
    • data from social media. As a "Facebook Business Records" the police receive all information from Facebook profiles of uspects. To do this, she has to file a letter of request to US authorities, who get the record from Facebook. Commissioner Otto scrolls through chats, likes and logins with the IP address of a supervised, all machine-readable: news in Arabic, under each is the translation of the police interpreters.

    Et le service concerné envisage déjà d'en étendre l'usage :

    The use of Gotham against Salafists is just the beginning. The police have already requested to expand the program, from e area of ​​state protection to organized crime and serious crimes such as murder and robbery. And the other states are watching closely as Palantir's software builds their networks in Frankfurt.

  • Et pourtant, lors d'une conférence à la fondation berlinoise SNV, un responsable policier jurait il y a quelques temps que les expérimentations de police prédictive s'en tiennent à repérer les moments et les lieux « criminogènes », se démarquant explicitement des initiatives en cours aux Royaume-Uni, aux US, en Chine, qu'il associait au profilage :

    Question: Is there anything on the horizon that worries you?
    Joachim Eschemann (head of the Department of Criminal Affairs in the Dusseldorf Ministry of Interior): Not out of Predictive Policing. And anything that does not relate to space and time, but personal reference - databases of dangerous people and so on -, if you get in there, then you are actually in profiling. You are no longer in Predictive Policing.