La CNIL britannique adopte des recommandations sur la reco faciale en temps réel

  • L'ICO, la CNIL britannique, réclame une pause et plus de travail des pouvoirs publics avant d’autoriser la reconnaissance faciale en temps réel par les forces de l’ordre (voir la recommandation (pdf)).

    The absence of a statutory code that speaks to the specific challenges posed by LFR will increase the likelihood of legal failures and undermine public confidence in its use. As a result, the key recommendation arising from the ICO’s investigation is to call for government to introduce a statutory and binding code of practice on the deployment of LFR. This is necessary in order to give the police and the public enough knowledge as to when and how the police can use LFR systems in public spaces. We will therefore be liaising with Home Office, the Investigatory Powers Commissioner, the Biometrics Commissioner, the Surveillance Camera Commissioner and policing bodies on how to progress our recommendation for a statutory code of practice.

    We also recommend that more work should be done by a range of agencies and organisations including the police, government and developers of LFR technology to eliminate bias in the algorithms; particularly that associated with ethnicity. This will help and maintain public confidence and cross-community support.

    Taken together, the recommendations from our investigation have such far reaching applications for law enforcement in the UK that I have taken the step of issuing the first Commissioner’s Opinion under our data protection laws.

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